Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument – Ajo AZ

Today, January 20, 2016, we (I, Chris and Marsha) took a drive to the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Oh! my goodness, what a gorgeous place. We first stopped at the visitor center and watched a movie and listened to a park ranger talk to us about three different types of Cacti and some of the wildlife who live there. We then took a 20-mile scenic loop drive in the park and saw all this beauty that God has created.

This is a Saguaro Cactus-The Saguaro often gets its start under a nurse tree called Palo Verde. Temperatures, humidity and soil conditions are more favorable and constant under the Palo Verde tree. As the cactus matures, it competes with the nurse tree for moisture. Over time, the nurse tree weakens and dies from lack of water.


Prickly Pear Cactus


Creosote Bush


Jumping Cholla

As you can see this Cholla has branches going all over the place with these things hanging off them. This is a very spiny cactus with several irregular, jointed branches that are sharp-barbed spines that are painful and difficult to remove. Because these joints separate easily, it sometimes appears to “jump” to attack you.



Little bird on top of a Saguaro


My friend, Chris standing almost on top of the world


Sun setting-Perfect ending to a perfect day




4 thoughts on “Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument – Ajo AZ

  1. Oh Wow! This place looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you for taking so many photos and sharing them. I am very impressed that you can identify the different cactus, I think I like the Saguaro best, they look like skinny humans with lots of arms for hugging. The lighting in your photos is fantastic, almost as if the cactus glows. Such fun for you to see all these beautiful places, yay Sherry!

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  2. It was beautiful and like you I liked the Saguaro also because of the arms they grow there were some interesting looking ones. I really loved the one I posted on this site, it reminded me of “Gumbie”, so you remember that show so many eons ago? I was determined that I wanted to learn the different cactus as we were seeing so much of it and it did not take long as several places we went and guides were talking about the different kinds and then Marsha (Chris) friends she also knew them and so after asking and clarifying with her a few times I got it all figured out. The lighting factor was interesting as we were getting the sun, and then the sun as it was starting to go down so it created another type of lighting creating some great photo opportunities

    Well I still have a few more blogs to post from Tucson, but this internet/wiffi situation is driving me crazy so it is just taking so long especially to load the pictures.I’ve posted a few on FB…..just giving folks a teaser, but if they want to see more photos and get the narration they are gonna have to come to my blog..


  3. Yessss, I remember green Gumby and his orange horse pal Pokey, Gumby is one of Bill’s favorites, he even has an adult size Halloween costume of Gumby. I never thought of it before but Bill loves the southwest and he loves Gumby….maybe it is because of the Saguaros….Gumbyland! Hope you get fast wifi soon!

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    • Thats cute, you should find a picture of him dressed in the Gumby Halloween costume, i bet its great. Wifi is best when I come to the clubhouse. The neighbor girls gave me their password its a bit better but still difficult at times to download the pictures.


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