Crater Range – Ajo AZ

January 24, 2016- Today we (Chris, Marsha and I) took a hike to Crater Range which is 10 miles north of Ajo, AZ. Access to this area requires a permit, so we had to go to the Cabeza Prieta Wildlife Refuge to fill out a form and watch a half-hour safety video to receive a permit and a combination to the gate. Before entering the gate we had to call in our names, permit number, gate number and approximately how long we would be in the area. Then once we left the area we again had to call and let them know we were leaving.

We took a 2-hour hike that was fairly easy and flat terrain between rock spires and volcanic upheavals (No these are not my words. I googled the description of Crater Range cause we all know you guys are not going to go and look it up, your all to busy with other stuff in life and I wanted you to know about this area and what you were looking at when you view my pictures, so bear with me through the next little paragraph okay!)

Crater Range is comprised of several miles of “Volcanic Up Heavals.” The geology of the area is generally irregular lava flows, layers of porous rock and volcanic sedimentary rock. It is not a “crater” at all but is the erosional remains of volcanic features. The ridges are remains of dikes that are more resistant to weathering than the porous rock surrounding them. Numerous sharp spires were volcanic channels for molten magma, like the dikes, weather more slowly.

The mixture of the changing colors from black volcanic rock to reds, browns, and beiges along with the many forms of plants and cacti made this a stunning, beautiful work of art.

2 thoughts on “Crater Range – Ajo AZ

  1. This looks so fun, way to go hiker Sherry! Crazy you had to watch a safety video, but I know I would appreciate learning how to be safe out there while hiking around. Sure looks like a beautiful area, I am super happy you took the time to explore and share your photos with us!

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  2. I did not know if I would be able to do this hike or not because of my knees, but I gave it a try and I was happy I was able to do it. It helped that it was pretty flat, there was a few spots we were trying to move over some uneven pieces of ground and so had a little difficulty, but I had just gotten a walking stick a couple days prior from the historical museum in Ajo, so it was a great help. My knees and legs were sore afterwards but after some rest I was doing pretty good. I think the exercising his helping as I am finding that I am able to do and be on my feet more. Oh and about the video, the truth is we only watch about 15 minutes of it LOL.


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