Tombstone, AZ to Apache Junction, AZ February 10-13, 2016

Hi  Everyone, I know it’s been a couple weeks since you’ve heard from me. But I have been on the road doing some dry camping/Boondocking (no hookups……camping in Sam’s Club, Fry’s, and Wal-Mart). I have a budget each month and it pretty much got spent with my RV spot in Tombstone LOL.  Anyway, I left Tombstone February 10th, traveling across Hwy 10….crossing Cochise Indian country and then Hwy 191 up to Safford.

I stayed that night in the Walmart parking lot. The next day on the 11th I drove just 5 miles out of town to Roper Lake State Park. There is nothing mind-boggling about this park nor much information about it other than it is a 32-acre park that was formerly a ranch and was purchased by the state in  1972 to construct a reservoir. It was a nice park with a lake … folks could fish off the fishing dock or launch their boats into the lake. The lake is stocked with bass and trout. It has a nice picnic area, a beach area for swimming, a campground, and a natural stone hot tub, which was very relaxing and perfect temperature. The campground and lake have a beautiful view of the Gila Mountains and Mount Graham. It was a very, relaxing, quiet couple of days.

I  headed for Apache Junction on February 13th, leaving Safford I took Hwy 70 through several small towns of Fort Thomas and Geronimo. It was a beautiful drive with several mountain ranges and desert. As I drove this stretch of road history came alive for me as so much of this land that I was crossing was Apache Land and land that Gernomino roamed.

I also traveled through the town of Globe, AZ which was founded in 1875 as a mining camp. Leaving Globe took me behind the Mine that was just amazing, but because of the two-lane highway I was bummed I was not able to stop and take pictures. I traveled on over an amazing mountain range that was just beautiful with its canyon sides that jutted up out of the ground so high to the sky. Again I was not able to get to many pictures but was able to find one spot to pull over and get a few.

I arrived in Apache Junction that evening and stayed the night in the overflow parking at Dutchman State Park. The sun was starting to go down so I was able to get an awesome photo of the Superstitious Mountains. They were just beautiful.

5 thoughts on “Tombstone, AZ to Apache Junction, AZ February 10-13, 2016

  1. Just beautiful Sherry. It is such a wonderful thing just to go and sight see and learn about the different areas that you have visited. Thank you for sharing!!!!!! Please be safe in your travels😊😊😊!!!!!!

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  2. Wow Sherry, you are really seeing Arizona and all it’s beauty. You still amaze me with how much you have learned about the area during your travels, plus I am so impressed that you are driving your RV everywhere! You sure make me want to follow in your footsteps, your photos are great and it just looks like such a scenic drive. I am so happy Walmart lets you park overnight, it’s really a savings and will let you travel even more!

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    • Hey Colleen……Walmart, Sam’s Club, Cracker Barrel are all pretty good about letting RVers stay. Some Wal-Mart’s won’t. I have a app that tells me where I can stay. There was one on the list in Phoenix….but the lady who runs around in the truck with little light on top ( security) said I couldn’t stay overnight, so I went down just a couple blocks to Sam’s Club. I like knowing what I am seeing. I want more than just pictures of stuff….but to know history and some thing so it means more. Yeah I buzzing along….learning how to back up, turn around even in tight spots….and at times ask for help. People have been good to lend me a guiding hand.


  3. I love the history and all the commentary, really makes the pictures much more interesting. I love Cracker Barrel, I wish we had them in California, so nice to know they let you stay overnight too! Yes, you have had a lot of wonderful guidance on your travels cause you are traveling with your angels and people enjoy meeting nice people like you!

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