Mystery Castle, Phoenix AZ

Mystery Castle was another tour I read about that intrigued me, so off I went to see what this Mystery Castle was all about. Boyce Gully was diagnosed with Tuberculosis while still a young man while living in Seattle. He had a wife and a daughter named Mary Lou. Boyce did not want to burden his family with his illness and live a life waiting to die. In those days, there was really no cures for TB and the doctors had told him he might have luck with his health if he moved to the drier climates found in Arizona. So without a word to his family or about his illness he left. Boyce lived another 15 years with very little communication with his family over those years. Boyce would often think and remember the time with his little girl when they would build sandcastles in the sand in Seattle only to have the waves wash them away. Mary Lou would tell her father that he should build her a big, strong castle that they could live in someday that would not be washed away by the water. So Boyce built his daughter a native stone castle….18 rooms and 13 fireplaces with charming nooks and crannies. He used almost anything he could find that was free or cheap. He then furnished it with southwestern antiques. Boyce Gully died in 1945 before he could send for his family…he never felt the house was done enough. When his daughter moved into the castle she was an adult and she lived the rest of her life in her Mystery Castle. She shared her home by giving guided tours until her death in 2010. Today the castle remains open for tours October to May.

I found the story about this place very interesting, sad and sweet at the same time. It’s a crazy house built with all kinds of interesting things. Mary Lou seems like she was a bit of an eccentric with some very unusual home decor and found that she loved cats and animals which she decorated the house with.





































4 thoughts on “Mystery Castle, Phoenix AZ

  1. Wow, can only imagine how his daughter felt when she first saw her castle! This place looks amazing and I am so glad they were able to save so much of everything!

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