Slide Rock State Park – Sedona AZ – February 2016

I stopped by Slide Rock State Park on my drive back from Flagstaff to Phoenix. Slide Rock is 7 miles north of Sedona. It is a smooth natural water slide formed from the red sandstone that cascades into a cool swimming hole.

It was about a 15-minute walk from the parking lot to the slide and a bit of careful navigating over the uneven, rocky terrain. It was just so beautiful and just relaxing to sit in the sun and take in all the natural beauty for a while. I had initially prepared to go swimming or try the slide, but the water was sooooooooo cold! I tried putting my feet in the water and it was no time at all before they were becoming numb. So no way was I putting my whole body into that freezing water, but there were a few who took the plunge!











2 thoughts on “Slide Rock State Park – Sedona AZ – February 2016

  1. Me too. It was beautiful and even though I did not get to get in the water I am so glad I was able to go see this place, sit on the rocks and dangle my feet in the water a bit. Plus it was fun to see all the people and those who decided to take the plunge in to that cold, cold water.


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