I’m Back

It’s hard to believe that it has been about two years since I last blogged. I loved blogging and sharing my adventures and stories along with my pictures on this site. But a little over two summers ago I returned to Washington for a couple months and took my grandkids on a month-long adventure of traveling. We were having an awesome time, saw and did so many things. I wanted to spend all my time with them and not on a computer. I figured I would catch up on it all later. Well, work, life, and some struggles got in the way and I just did not get back to it and then it started feeling all overwhelming to try and get caught up. I thought where do I start? Well, I have finally come to a time that I feel I can start blogging again and I really wanted to get back to blogging. I recently did an upgrade on my my blog page which opened up new doors, new look, and colors. So I am going to start staying with the current stuff and gradually work on catching up with the backlog. In the meantime if you have not had a chance or because it’s been awhile I hope you will enjoy looking back and reading about how I started off on this venture and the adventures I went on. I was looking back and re-reading them and had some good chuckles of starting out and am amazed at how far I have come in two and a half years. Shoot when I first started out I did not even know how long it was going to last. I am still amazed that I am out here still doing it. It has changed a bit from what I thought, but one has to work and make a living, but I am still loving it and I know I have had more opportunities to go places, do and see things I would not have gotten to do otherwise. I continue to look forward to where this journey in life takes me and I have loved being able to share it all with you.

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