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Traveling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

On Sunday, March 6, 2016, Colleen and I booked a tour of Canyon Lake. We made quite the entrance when we got ourselves delayed from other site seeing and lunch earlier in the day and then got behind sloooooooooooow traffic from Apache Junction to Canyon Lake. When we purchased the online tickets for a 4:00 …

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Governor Hunt’s Pyramid Tomb was another one of the things we found on America’s roadside attractions website. George Hunt was Arizona’s first governor and served 7 terms between 1912-1933. He is buried in a pyramid made with white bathroom tile in Papago Park that overlooks the Phoenix Zoo. The pyramid stands 15 feet tall and …

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My friend Colleen loves to take pictures, find whacky stuff and just go, go, go! She told me about this internet site called “America’s Roadside Attractions.” You go to the website, enter in the state and city and you will be directed to some interesting places. So on Saturday, March 4, 2016, we headed out …

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Here was another gem in Phoenix that Colleen and I found…….The Hall of Flame. We really debated whether we were going to go here and if looking at a bunch of fire trucks was going to be that interesting. Well, we decided we would check it out and the entry fee of $7.00 was reasonable. …

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http://azstateparks.com/Parks/SLRO/ I stopped by Slide Rock State Park on my drive back from Flagstaff to Phoenix. Slide Rock is 7 miles north of Sedona. It is a smooth natural water slide formed from the red sandstone that cascades into a cool swimming hole. It was about a 15-minute walk from the parking lot to the …

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On my last day in Flagstaff on February 29, 2016, I visited the Riordan Mansion. Matt Riordan was hired to be the General Manager of the Ayer Lumber Company. After working as GM for three years Matt bought the lumber mill from Mr. Ayer in 1887 and created the Arizona Lumber & Timber Company. Matt …

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Traveling - It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

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